Lash shedding in the fall

I tend to notice that more and more lash stylists all over the world start complaining about intensifying of lash shed during the fall season. Let's try to figure out if it is a real problem or just a coincidence?
Let's recall that our eyelashes are pretty similar to the hair on our heads by structure and characteristics. Therefore, it was enough for me to google "autumn hair shed" to make sure that it really happens with the women' hair every year.
The main cause of autumn lash shed is the estrogen hormone. In autumn it's amount sharply decreases, which is naturally a genetically coded process. Also in summer hair follicles constantly suffered from strong harmful direct sun, and the result had a prolonged effect - it showed up only after 2-3 months, and the hair start falling out - precisely by the beginning of autumn. Moreover, ultraviolet intensifies the activity of testosterone (male hormone) as well as increases the amount of free elements responsible for the hair transition to the phase of loss.
So what do we do?
Educate your clients by sharing this post, so that they won't be surprized and won't blame you for poor retention. Also you can suggest them to add A, C and E vitamins, as well as selenium, magnesium, phosphorus to their diet to reduce possible damage. Here are the products which contain these substances: fruit, vegetables, fish oil, butter, sour cream and nuts.
Did you ever notice that in autumn your customers need infills more often then usual?