No contract, no lash count! Just beautiful & healthy eyelashes every time. 


Here at Lady Lash boutique, our goal is to enhance your natural lashes in a safe, clean, and professional setting with the health of your lashes as our top priority. We will never apply anything that will compromise the integrity of your lashes, and only the highest grade materials are used. Our glue is medical grade and is manufactured here in the states. As always, our products are formaldehyde and latex free. Whether you are trying extensions out for the first time, or a seasoned vet, we will customize a look with your expectations in mind that will also be healthy on the long term. To see all of our work and learn more about our technique, please follow us on instagram. To learn more about our product & adhesive, please click here


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Classic Eyelash extensions 

classic eyelash extensions

Everyday classic look! One eyelash extension is applied to one natural lash, providing a natural looking and longer appearance. This set is great for everyone who wants to make their eyes stand out without looking over the top. Most natural.  

Hybrid Eyelash extensions

dramatic eyelash extensions

Hybrid set, mixture of classic and volume lashes. The result is a textured look and is a great option if you just want that little bit more from your classic set. Can be both natural or dramatic depending on preference and lengths used. 2D lashes also an option.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume eyelash extensions

3-5 micro fine lashes are first hand made into a V shape before applying onto one single lash; not to be confused with pre mades or clusters. Get fuller, thicker lashes without the added weight, great for clients with thin and sparse lashes or those who want more than what classics can offer. Longest lasting.