Classic vs. Volume Lashes


In the wonderful world of eyelash extensions, there are many options to choose from based on the client's individual needs; from length and thickness, to curls and style to shape the overall look. Now, even classic or volume. So what is the difference?

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Classic technique 

  • One individual extension applied to one individual lash (ie. 100 natural lashes = 100 extensions)
  • Adds length and curl to clients natural lashes
  • Good for clients with a lot of lashes
  • Up to now, the standard technique in the lash world 

Volume technique

  • 2-3 micro thin extensions are first hand made and fanned to create a V shape, before it is placed onto one natural lash (ie. 100 natural lashes = 200-300 extensions)
  • Gives a lighter and fluffier full look while still adding length and curl
  • Lasts longer than classic lashes when done the right way (by not using pre-made fans)
  • Good for clients who don't have a lot of natural or thick lashes, have bald spots, or who want a fuller look. 
  • Lighter in weight and more natural feeling 
  • Newest technique that is blowing up the lash world

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