Our goal is to have you leaving each appointment with a FULL SET each and every time! Unlimited lashes applied. No lash counting here, just as many lashes as time allows!
Regardless of the Lash Set you choose, YOUR NATURAL LASH HEALTH IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. We work with you to pick the most appropriate lash set to achieve your ideal look without overburdening your natural lashes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

One single eyelash extension is applied to each of your eyelashes, providing a natural looking and longer appearance.  This option is great for everyone who wants to make their eyes stand out without looking over the top.

For a limited time offer, every new set comes with a full sized after care kit!  ($30 value)

Everyday Classic Full Set: $150
1 hr 30 min
Hybrid Full Set: $175
2 hr
Classic Refills

Standard Fill - 50 min - $60 (recommended for 2-3 weeks)
Fill Plus - 75 min - $80 (recommended for 3-4 weeks)


Hybrid Refills

Standard fill - 60 min - $70
Fill Plus - 90 min - $70




Volume is the technique of applying 2-6 super super thin extensions on one natural lash, not to be confused with clusters or pre-made fans. Each volume fan is hand made and is placed on one natural lash creating a "wrap" around the base, which results in longer lasting retention. The extensions are lighter in weight creating a fluffier, voluminous look. Perfect for clients with thin or sparse lashes, or clients who want a more dramatic look than Classics.

Volume Full Set: $200 2 hr 30 min

Volume Refill

2 week fill - 60 min - $70
3 week fill - 75 min $80
4 week fill - 90 min $100 (must have at least 20% extensions left)




eyebrows: $15
lip: $10
chin: $10
sideburns: 15
face: $40


Lash tint: $25
Brow tint: $20
Lash & Brow: $40

Lash Lift/Perm

Already have amazing natural lashes? Don't want the upkeep of extensions? A lash lift would be perfect for you. Gives the perfect natural lift without a curler; lasts up to 8 weeks. 



Lash lift: $70
Lash lift & tint combo: $85
Lash lift with lash & brow tint combo: $100